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What's New in Plumbing Fixtures for 2020

Each year in January, the manufacturers for the new home industry gather to display the newest innovations for new construction at the International Builders Show. At the 2020 show, customization for plumbing was all the rage, and new developments in technology were on parade. Energy efficiency and conservation is also a big factor for this year in both how faucets are made and how they function. Some of our favorite new plumbing products combine both the ability to increase the experience of the water while conserving it at the same time.

We all know how hard it can be to make final design selections for your home. You want the latest and greatest, but you also don't want something you'll be tired of in 5 years. Manufacturers like Kohler and Moen have an answer: customization! Now you can switch out plates and handles on your fixtures any time you want, allowing you to change the look on a whim, no remodeling required. Kohler's Tailor sink has removable aprons with floral, stone, and geometric designs. The Nio faucet by Moen has interchangeable handles for a different finish whenever you want it.

New innovations in plumbing technology are also available this year. The Moen Nebia shower faucet provides twice the coverage of a regular rain head but uses almost half the water. With both a rain shower and hand shower in one fixture, you can easily create a spa shower without all the extra valves and handles. Smart faucets now turn on with voice command or through an app, allowing you to prep and cook with less mess. Smart showers turn on while you're still in bed, giving you that last minute of shut-eye while the water heats up. With new technology, now even our faucets can lend a helping hand!

Plumbing fixture finishes are continuing to expand in 2020. More and more faucets are now available in the ever-popular matte black and brushed gold/brass finish. Kohler's Vibrant Ombre faucet combines rose gold and polished nickel for a faucet that looks like a piece of art. Moen now offers black stainless on several of their most popular faucets in one effort to complement sleek black stainless appliances.

Thanks to these innovations, you can now customize your new home like never before. Whether you want to switch out sink fronts for each season or use a finish that few others have, the new releases for 2020 have what you are looking for!

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