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What's New in Cabinet Options

Cabinetry is one of the most important items in your home. Not only do your cabinets dramatically influence the interior design, they are key to improving the functionality of your space. There are tons of new and exciting finishes and accessories for cabinetry that may be the perfect fit for your new home.

Cabinet Construction

We have recently implemented full plywood box cabinetry built in Florida in our homes, which provides our clients with a sturdy and strong foundation for their kitchens in baths. The semi-custom and custom lines that we offer allow you to resize cabinetry to fit your space perfectly, eliminating the need for large fillers. We are also able to increase heights and depths of cabinet boxes to create furniture like designs that make a statement.

One of the biggest growing trends in American cabinetry is the frameless cabinet. Traditional cabinetry has a face frame that is attached to the front of the cabinet box, which limits the use of the full depth of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets, however, do not have this additional frame, which makes the entire cabinet usable space. This allows for full size plates to fit in wall cabinets and over an inch in width per drawer provides more storage! Another popular construction style is inset cabinets, which keep the doors and drawers flush with the frame around them. This beautiful style creates a timeless, furniture look to the cabinet.

Cabinet Colors

White is still the most popular kitchen cabinet color, and because of this, manufacturers have created several new shades of white to help you find the perfect color for you. Deep blues in navy and dark teal continue to emerge and act as a transitional color that blends beautifully with both warm and cool tones. Walnut and hickory tone wood finishes are quickly becoming the most popular choice for kitchen islands, and black cabinets are also popular for today's modern farmhouse styles and finishes. If none of these new colors are exactly right, our new cabinet lines also offer over 1,000 Sherwin Williams paint colors to choose from.

Glazes are also increasing in popularity today. A glazed cabinet has a translucent glaze hand wiped or brushed over the stain or paint of the door. These glazes can either deepen or lighten the base color, and are a great way to highlight the details in your cabinet doors. Brushed glazes create a hand finished look that gives a custom furniture feel to the doors. Combining the glazes with the custom colors available gives you thousands of choices, which allows us to help you find exactly the right hue for your space.

Cabinet Accessories

Not only do we want our cabinets to look beautiful, we want them to maximize every possible space for storage and function. Double trash can pull outs have always been a popular option, but new designs allow for 4 trash can units which are wonderful for a large family. Utensil pull outs move the wooden spoons off the countertop and hide them away next to the cooktop for easy reach. Coffee pod drawer inserts allow you to hold all your single use coffee in one place, making it easy to see exactly what flavors you have. Large drawers are one of the most efficient means of storage, and adding roll trays to the top of the drawer is an excellent way to keep lids under control.

Bathroom cabinets have options for better storage as well. Pull outs organize hair dryers and styling products in a convenient space. Many of our clients add linen cabinets to the bath for additional towel and toiletry storage, and hampers in the bottom portion are a wonderful way to keep soiled items out of sight. Bath mirrors are available with cabinet trim and pull outs that replace the need for a medicine cabinet, and storage caddy roll outs keep all your cleaning supplies at arm's length.

Whatever your storage and design needs, we have plenty of options that can meet them. From custom colors to well placed storage accessories, our team will work with you to create the perfect plan for your new cabinetry!

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