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What is Modern Architecture?

In the past, modern architecture was a clearly defined genre with flat planes and minimalist details. Today, there are modern versions of almost every design style, with Modern Farmhouse being the most well known. So what exactly are these new types of modern architecture?

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is a fresh take on the traditional low country farmhouse. The rooflines will often have sharp, tall gables instead of long straight lines. The front elevation will be mainly one dimension, with just a few bump-outs for interest. To keep the farmhouse feel, wood accents on columns, shutters, or beams dress up what is almost always a white exterior. Black accents on the windows and roof create a clean, minimalist palette, true to modern design. Board and batten or painted brick exteriors complete the look.

Modern Mediterranean

Mediterranean style is known for arched openings, lots of columns, and warm, earthy colors. For a modern twist, these arches are turned to straight lines, but the porticos are kept intact. Lighter off white exteriors bring a modern take to the traditional tones, and stained wood accents keep the warmth that is expected in a Mediterranean design. Our new Tupelo plan is an excellent example of this style.

Modern Contemporary

While modern and contemporary are interchangeable, when it comes to current home design trends, the Modern Contemporary takes a more mainstream style and adds modern accents. Contemporary homes have little trim and very minimal accents. The focus of a Modern Contemporary is on a combination of textures, which provide the visual interest. Our architectural series features a new contemporary plan that mixes stone, wood, and stucco textures with clean lines on the windows and roof.

You can take any architectural style and modify it to have a modern twist. Paring down the accents and trim, sharpening the lines, and letting the textures of the exterior be the star that brings a fresh look to any home. Sometimes the simplest changes can make all the difference! We'd love to help you create a modern style all your own. Whether you want to modify one of our existing plans or start from scratch with a design-build, we can help you design the modern home of your dreams!

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