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Top 5 Ways to Make Christmas Decorating Easier

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is all the beautiful decorations everywhere you look. When it comes to decking the halls of your new home, a few electrical preparations done during construction can make it much easier!

1. Switched eave outlets. Everyone loves looking at Christmas lights, but dealing with multiple timers and extension cords can make installing them a chore. However, we can install outlets in the eaves of your home that are controlled by a switch in the garage, allowing you to eliminate all the cords and timers. We recommend at least 1 per roofline, as well as one near any columns. A switched outlet at the front door covers any garlands or porch decorations as well. For larger properties, power run to a post away from the house allows you to have electrical for yard inflatables or additional displays.

2. Christmas tree outlets. As you are thinking about furniture placement in your new home, give some consideration to the possible areas you would put up your Christmas tree(s). Including a switched outlet in these locations makes it a breeze to turn the tree on or off. For any tree being placed in front of a window, having an outlet nearby keeps you from having extension cords run down the wall, eliminating the trip hazard and the hassle. No more searching for the push button inside the tree or plugging and unplugging them from the outlet each night!

3. Mantel power. If your new home will have a fireplace, it's likely you will want to hang a garland of some kind there during the holidays. Including an outlet on the side or top of the mantel allows you to plug in any lighted decorations there and hide the cords. No need to buy battery operated garlands with batteries that won't last the whole season.

4. Above cabinet outlets. With the spacious high ceilings in homes today, there is often room above the kitchen cabinetry to decorate. Adding switched outlets above the upper cabinets gives you another spot to add Christmas cheer. White LED string lights can be used all year long to add soft illumination to the kitchen, all controlled with a simple switch.

5. Power for Christmas collections. If you have a special collection for Christmas that you like to display, having outlets available or a place for special lighting can bring it to life. Christmas villages often have a light and cord for each one, so make sure there is power available to plug them in. The LED fairy lights are another great accent for collections or even to add sparkle to bedrooms, so thinking through the places you will want illumination can help you decide if any extra outlets are needed, and at what height.

Whether you like to keep your decorations minimal or rival the Griswolds, a little planning during the design of your home can give you the freedom to make Christmas cheer happen with ease!

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