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Top 5 Ways to Create a Chef's Kitchen in Your Home

Having the right tools for the job makes the work easier and the end result better, and this is particularly true when it comes to preparing and storing food at home. Whether you are a beginning cook or a professional chef, the right appliances can help you create amazing meals with less effort right in your own kitchen. New innovations allow you to personalize the appliances to your specific needs, all while making food last longer and meal prep faster. Here are our top 5 ways to create a chef's kitchen in your new home.

1. Incorporate a Steam Oven

Steam ovens are available in both wall ovens and ranges. These professional-level ovens provide heat with steam, which keeps your food from drying out or losing flavor. Steam ovens also speed up cooking times, allowing you to cook a 14-pound turkey in less than 2 hours! These appliances are the perfect way to reheat any food, even stale bread can be reconstituted back to freshness.

2. Customize with Modular Appliances

Today's homes are all about flexibility, and modular appliances offer the ultimate in customization. Modular cooktops are 15" wide and are available in grills, induction or gas cooktops, fryers, and even steamers and Teppanyaki griddles. These modules allow you to place them side by side to create a multi-functional cooking space or place them individually away from your main cooktop for a zoned workspace. Modular refrigerators and freezers are single columns that can be placed together or apart. This can be a wonderful way to balance out a kitchen design while increasing the amount of cold food storage in your home. With both stainless steel and cabinet panel options, you can create any look you desire. Drawer microwaves are another fantastic option to open up better flow and cabinet configurations in your new kitchen. These full-size microwaves fit conveniently in a base cabinet, freeing up valuable countertop space. Having appliances that can be moved to the location best for you makes meal prep that much easier.

3. Consider State of the Art Refrigeration

When it comes to cold food storage, there is an incredibly wide range of options on the market. As you look at the luxury brands of appliances, you will find that there are differences in the components used. While these refrigerators and freezers do have a larger initial cost, over the life of your home they can save you money. Sub-Zero refrigerators are made for a 20-year lifespan, and their unique design doubles the life of your fruits and vegetables, significantly reducing money wasted on food spoilage. As the most used appliance in the kitchen, a refrigerator with a state of the art compressor and cooling technology can be a wise investment.

Many families can also benefit from additional cold storage outside of the main refrigerator and freezer. Under counter, refrigerators are an excellent way to store bottles, cans, and are a convenient way to serve drinks while entertaining. For families with small children, having drinks and cold snacks for the kids in an under-counter refrigerator gives them easy access without having to open and close the main refrigerator over and over. These refrigerators come in a variety of configurations, from units with 2 cooling temperature zones to double-drawer refrigerators. Stainless steel fronts or cabinet fronts are also options, making these under-counter refrigerators truly customizable and versatile.

4. Use Smart Appliances as Your Personal Sous Chef

Smart technology is available for all areas of our homes, and the kitchen is no different. The GE Hub works as a command center in the kitchen by displaying recipes, showing videos, and controlling the other appliances. Thermador's Home Connect allows you to brew a latte, turn on the dishwasher, or have your oven notify you when the roast is perfectly done all while you relax on the couch. Many refrigerators can send you a reminder when it is time to change the filters, or if there is an unexpected rise in temperature inside the appliance. Smart ovens keep you from burning food as they send an alert when the food reaches the correct temperature for the perfect flavor. These appliances can also integrate with your favorite recipes so that all you have to do is push a button and the appliance does the rest. This technology truly does make your kitchen work for you.

5. Add Specialty Appliances for Restaurant Quality Food in Your Home

There are so many new and exciting appliances in the market today, and several are appliances that were previously only available in commercial kitchens. Built in coffee makers can create professional-quality lattes, espresso, or even a simple cup of coffee with the touch of a button. For the family with a serious love of all things coffee, these machines can bring the coffee shop right to your kitchen. Sous vide has become an incredibly popular cooking style, as it produces tender, flavorful food like no other. Vacuum drawers fit into a base cabinet and give you the ability to not only cook sous vide but also to quickly marinade meats or seal up food for freezer storage. Modular deep fryers provide versatility to create restaurant-level fried chicken, desserts, and more right in your kitchen. Their small size means they can fit in any kitchen, and may just be the perfect addition for your family. Whatever your favorite restaurant dishes, there are new appliances that can help you recreate them in your own home.

Planning out the perfect kitchen is part of the design process we walk through with all of our clients. Thinking about how you will use the space helps us to layout the best arrangement, and talking through how you and your family cook allows us to find the appliances that will be the best tools for your new kitchen. We have special partnerships with brands that allow us to provide our clients with the best possible pricing, making it even easier for every kitchen to be a chef's kitchen!

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