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Three Ways to Make Your Powder Bath Sink Unique

Many of the custom homes that we build here at Collins Builders include a Powder bath with a pedestal sink. These little spaces are the perfect place to infuse your design style in a bold way. Shiplap walls and mosaic tile floors really shine in a powder bath, but it's important not to overlook the main feature of the room - the sink. There are several ways to turn the ordinary pedestal into a fun, yet functional centerpiece of the bathroom.

Choose a Designer Pedestal

Choosing a style pedestal sink is the easiest way to add some flair to the bath. These designer sinks are not only more decorative, but are taller and wider as well, increasing the space you have for soaps and towels. For a farmhouse, consider the Kohler Archer pedestal with its clean lines and square details. The Devonshire or Memoirs complement a traditional interior, while Bancroft is the perfect vintage style pedestal. For a modern home, the Reve or Veil are unique sinks that really show off in a small space.

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Add a Wall Mounted Sink

For a different look that gives you more floor space, consider changing the pedestal to a wall-mounted sink. These sinks leave the plumbing piping exposed, giving you another area to add more color and style. With these sinks, you can now have matching black piping to your black faucet, which can even be carried over to the toilet handle and piping.

The Purist Wading Pool sink is the ultimate wall-mounted option for a sleek and clean bath. The new Modern Life sink works wonders for tight spaces, and its transitional design complements several design styles. For a fun vintage or farmhouse bath, the Bannon or Brockway sinks provide both color and unique styling.

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Put the Faucet on the Wall Too

Whether you use a modern pedestal or a farmhouse wall mounted sink in your new custom Collins Builders home, moving the faucet up to the wall is a great way to not only gain more counter space but customize your bath even further. The Moen Weymouth in matte black or brushed gold is a stunning complement to the Bannon and Brockway sinks. The square lines of the Voss faucet transitions between many design styles, while the Rothbury is a beautiful traditional faucet.

Choosing one or a combination of these products will really give your powder bath an elevated sense of style. Small spaces are the perfect place to be more adventurous and give your guests a glimpse of your design personality. These specialty sinks and faucets do just that, all with the benefit of making your half bath appear larger and providing you with more space for the essentials.

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