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The Best White Paint Colors for Your Farmhouse

The hottest trend right now for new home architectural design is the modern farmhouse. These homes are a fresh take on the classic low country architectural style and are particularly well suited to large parcel lots. With either a board & batten or lap siding exterior, the most popular paint color for a modern farmhouse is white. But with over 100 available shades of white in the Sherwin Williams deck, how do you choose the right one? We are here to help! Read on to find out our top picks for your farmhouse color.

Pure White SW7005

The truest of the white shades is also the most popular. This crisp white pairs well with any accent color, and while bright, it isn't harsh.

Alabaster SW7008

This creamy white is a beautiful choice to complement warm stain tones in your front door. It also works nicely with black, green, warm red, and blue accents.

Snowbound SW7004

Snowbound is a soft white with a slight blush undertone, which makes it complement natural surroundings. Pair this white with navy blue, black, or gray.

Site White SW7070

This shade of white mimics the color of Greek marble statues and has a darker undertone that keeps it from getting too bright in the sun. Dark jewel tones look beautiful with this white, as well as grays.

Origami White SW7636

Origami White is a creamy gray-white that gives a subtle bit of color while still feeling light and bright. Darker gray, black, brown, and blue make good choices for accent colors.

To choose your perfect shade of white, consider the accent colors you prefer for the front door and any shutters, as well as the amount of direct sun the front of your home will get. For a true white on a heavily shaded lot, choose one of the brighter whites like Pure White. A house in full sun might benefit from some darker undertones like Site White or Origami White to keep it from being overly blinding. Whichever shade you choose, the classic look of a white siding-clad house will be beautiful and stylish for the life of your home!

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