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The 5 Most Popular Gray Exterior Paint Colors

Gray exteriors are incredibly popular, and the neutral color works well with any architectural style. Grays can be warm or cool in tone, and are found in every hue. Below we've listed the 5 most popular gray exterior paint colors that our clients choose to help assist you in finding the perfect one for your new home.

Monorail Silver

Monorail Silver (SW 7663) is a cool gray with slight blue undertones. This gray pairs beautifully with navy blue, black, and white. Its cool tones are perfect for both modern and farmhouse exteriors. Monorail Silver is an excellent choice for an accent color on an otherwise all white house. When using it as a body color, choose SW 7664 Steely Gray or SW 7661 Reflection for any accent areas.


The deep warm gray of Dovetail (SW 7018) is a bolder choice, which still blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Choose softer whites like SW 7014 Eider White or SW 7004 Snowbound for trim to complement the warmer tones. The brown undertones in Dovetail work well with stained wood accents on the front door, columns, and shutters. For painted accents, look to warm greens, ocean blues, black, and garnet.


Another popular medium gray is SW 7072 Online. The cooler undertones of this color make it one of the most true grays. Online is an excellent choice for a coastal exterior when paired with crisp Pure White (SW 7005) or Extra White (SW 7006). Think bright or vibrant accent colors for doors and shutters in tones of aqua or teal to complete the look. For a more traditional style, black or charcoal colors blend nicely.


Tinsmith (SW 7657) is a muddy medium gray with warm undertones. Tinsmith is an excellent choice for modern styles and pairs well with both wood stains and painted finishes. For accent colors, look to deep jewel tones like SW 7605 Gale Force and SW 7630 Raisin, or rich charcoals like SW 6994 Greenblack. Walnut and ebony stains work well for any wood finishes.

Grizzle Gray

For a dark gray exterior, SW 7068 Grizzle Gray is a nice choice. This is a medium gray in a pewter tone that stays true to the gray palette. For accent areas, look to the lighter tones of SW 7065 Argos of SW 7064 Passive. Medium to dark blues and greens work well for front doors and shutters with Grizzle Gray. Black shingles and accents provide a strong contrast to the darker gray and provide a timeless look.

Whether you want a pale silver or a deep charcoal, there is a gray that is the perfect shade for you. These beautiful hues are timeless and can help you complement whatever architectural style you choose for your new Collins home. The 5 popular grays discussed here can give you a starting point to find the right choice for your new exterior, and we look forward to guiding you through that selection process.

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