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Stair Railing Options

Stair railings are a prominent feature in many of the homes we build here at Collins Builders. Choosing the right style for your custom home can make a large design impact in all the formal areas. There are 3 main components to the railings: the newel posts, the balusters, and the handrail. Each of these come in several different styles and materials and can be mixed to create a unique staircase that reflects your style. Often, we start with the balusters and then add in the newel post and handrail to complement them.

Wood Balusters

Wood balusters come in two main styles, pintop and square. Pintop balusters can be finished with a stain or paint, and are smaller at the top than at the bottom. These balusters work well for a traditional design scheme, and the pairing of crisp white balusters with a stained newel post is timeless. We recommend choosing a stain for the handrail as well to highlight the design and provide contrast.

Square balusters can also be stained or painted, but are usually finished with paint. These balusters have a uniform width from top to bottom and provide a clean line to the stairs. Coastal, modern, or farmhouse styles all work well with the square balusters. Choose a complementary square newel post that further accents your scheme. For a modern style, choose a sleek, unadorned shape, where coastal or farmhouse styles benefit from a newel with additional moldings. A white-painted newel contrasted with a stained handrail completes the look. For a more modern look, try a bold black paint or ebony stain on the newel post and handrail to give high contrast.

Iron Balusters

Wrought iron balusters come in a huge variety of styles and shapes. We often mix at least 2 styles of iron balusters together to provide a truly customized staircase. Choose an oval style with a straight baluster for a unique, modern look; or a twisted basket style for an Old World or Mediterranean home. Iron balusters work best with a stained handrail and newel posts but choose a newel that complements your design. The more ornate your balusters, the less additional trim the newel posts need, instead focus on the overall shape.

Cable Railing

Cable railing is often seen on exteriors, but on an interior staircase, it can make quite a statement. Instead of balusters, the stairs have a series of horizontal cables. These can be mixed with either an iron or wood newel and handrail and can fit in almost any design scheme. For a farmhouse look, choose a stained newel and handrail for warmth, and consider adding an X pattern on the outside of the cables for more charm. Cable railing blends beautifully in a modern style as the clean lines and sleek shapes complement the other design choices.

Whatever your design style, the staircase is a major part of it. With all the options available, it's easier than ever to create a staircase that reflects your personal tastes and adds a statement to your custom home. Whether you want a modern farmhouse or a timeless traditional look, we can help you pick the right combination of balusters, newels, and handrails that can bring it to life.

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