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Smart Ways to Create a Smart Home

These days, most people are familiar with camera doorbells and voice-activated controls, and the majority of homes have at least one kind of smart home device. The technology for these devices is now available in almost every group of finishes for the home, from garage door openers to appliances. When planning your new home, we can help you understand what is available to you and how to make it all work together and be easy to use. While the sky is truly the limit on home automation, there are a few items we love that might be the perfect fit for your smart home!

Exterior Technology

There are several items for the exterior of your home that can make life easier for you and your family. Wifi-enabled front door deadbolts give you the ability to set a temporary code for visitors and lock or unlock your front door from wherever you are. Anyone who has been locked out of their home can appreciate how handy that feature can be! You can even set a scheduled time each day or week that the code is activated for housekeepers or dog sitters. No more leaving the key under the mat. Exterior cameras are the perfect way to keep an eye on deliveries and check on pets or children. Combined with a doorbell camera, you can see every angle of the exterior of your home whether you are in the house or on the beach in Hawaii. Wifi garage door openers can open or close your garage door or gate from your phone You can also grant access for additional family members to be able to control the door so that you don't have to keep up with extra physical openers. Outdoor motion detectors can alert you to movement outside your home, and can also activate a light to illuminate the space when you walk outside.

Appliance Technology

Cooking is such an integral part of all of our lives, and new advancements in smart technology in appliances can make that task so much easier. Refrigerators can now alert you if the temperature rises, keeping your food safe and fresh. Some models have a built-in Keurig coffee maker, and they allow you to schedule the hot water so that your morning cup is ready when you are. The refrigerator can also message you when it is time to change the filters, which keeps your water tasting great and your refrigerator running efficiently. A smart oven can be preheated while you're still at the grocery store, and the hoods can automatically turn on when the cooktop is in use. One of the newest products on the market is the Hub, which allows you to have your recipe on display right at the cooktop, or video chat with family while you cook. Dishwashers can now automatically reorder your detergent, and laundry appliances allow you to extend the dryer to keep wrinkles at bay.


Advancements in home theater and lighting controls have come so far. We no longer need large, bulky receivers to feed obtrusive speakers. Instead, sleek soundbars and flush mount speakers provide incredible, theater-quality sound and integrate seamlessly into your design. With the picture clarity available on HD televisions and lightning-fast streaming services, it's easy and inexpensive to create the perfect spot in your home for watching your favorite sports and shows. Lighting controls are a fun way to add to the experience and can make your daily schedule easy to manage. With the touch of a button, you can turn off certain lights for watching a movie, while another button can turn on kitchen and hall lights in the morning as you start your day. An all off feature makes sure you don't waste energy, and turning lights on and off while you are on vacation can keep your home safe.


Security systems have been around for a very long time, but today's technology allows them to be even more effective at protecting your home. Firefighter modules can be added to alert the fire department when high levels of smoke or carbon monoxide are detected. Creating a unique code for each person allows you to know exactly who disarmed or armed the system and when. Alerts can tell you about unusual activity to keep you immediately informed. Advanced panels work even if they are damaged, and voice communicators allow you to speak with emergency personnel or be notified of dangerous weather conditions. Our security systems even allow you to add a module that can control all the other smart devices from one place, eliminating the need for dozens of manufacturer apps to control things individually. This truly makes all the smart technology easy to use, and we are excited to be able to offer it to our clients.

Whether you just want to know when the postman delivers your Amazon boxes, or you want your home to act as a butler and concierge to make your life easier, smart home technology can work for you. We love helping our clients create the home of their dreams, and finding the right blend of smart home features is one of the many things we do to make every home we build customized exactly to our clients' needs and desires.

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