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Paver Options and Designs

Pavers are an incredibly versatile product that can instantly add curb appeal and function to your home's exterior. Driveways, walkways, patios, porches, and even fire pits and seating walls can be made with pavers. Pavers are also easy maintenance, especially on walkways and driveways. If a paver were to be damaged, it is very simple to remove it and install a new one. Their permeability makes them a great choice for additional walkways and patios around your home. Whatever your style, there is a paver in the right color and design to beautifully complement it.

Paver Colors

There are 2 main groups of paver colors. The first is gray-based pavers, which create an overall color palate that is darker. These pavers are excellent for heavy traffic areas as they hide the effects of tires and weather very well. Their more monochromatic coloring allows them to coordinate with any exterior easily, and they blend wonderfully with surrounding landscaping.

The second group of colors is white-based pavers. These create a light palate and make a statement wherever you install them. White-based pavers work well with farmhouse style homes and homes with brick or siding that is relatively uniform in color. They also complement white, cream, and lighter beige or gray houses as the pavers have similar colors throughout. These lighter pavers are also a great choice for patios and pool decks as they are more reflective of the heat.

Paver Design

While pavers come in several beautiful shades, they also come in very different shapes. Some of these shapes can be installed in different patterns to create even more options for you. The most popular style is Appian that mixes squares and rectangles in a brick pattern for a pleasing and timeless look. The City Series has sharp lines that work equally well with a modern home or a stately traditional. Both the Clay pavers and Holland Stone pavers mimic the look of brick, and might be the perfect choice for your farmhouse or industrial style home. Coastal style exteriors are complemented by the Oceanside pavers, which are flecked with Coquina for both style and durability.

Napoli pavers complement the stone accents of this home's entryway

The pattern of the pavers can add an additional impact to your home's curb appeal. Brick shaped pavers can be installed in a running bond pattern for a traditional brick look, or in a herringbone or basket weave design. Cobblestone pavers like the Appian style can also be installed in a herringbone or "T" shaped pattern, but due to their larger size and varying shape, these patterns are more subtle than the brick style. Straight sided pavers like the City Series can be done in a diamond pattern or a straight stack, as well.

Not only does adding paver areas to your exterior warm up the look of your yard and home, they can be easier to maintain as well. Whether you have a traditional brick home or a modernist two story, there is a color, shape, and pattern of paver to fit it perfectly. Throughout the design process, we will work with you to find the exact fit for you and your needs. Let's get started today!

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