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New Options for Interior Paint

Today's paint options are virtually limitless. There are thousands upon thousands of colors in the Sherwin Williams line up, and then they can color match almost anything else you can dream up. But did you know that beyond the color of the paint, you have options on the type of paint as well? Whether you have a busy family that needs walls that are easy to clean, or you're concerned about the air quality and the environmental impact of your home, there is a paint to meet your needs!

Emerald Acrylic Latex

This interior paint product is the perfect choice for having a wall finish that is durable and easy to clean. Combined with a specialty primer, Emerald paint gives your walls a tough finish that prevents stains from penetrating and holds up to cleaning with a damp cloth. The matte finish has a slight sheen to it, giving you the beauty of a satin finish with the benefits of flat paint. It is Greenguard Gold certified for low chemical emissions as well, making it a smart and healthy choice for your home.

Harmony Acrylic Latex

The Harmony latex paint is a good choice for owners who are concerned about the quality of air in their home. This hardworking paint is a zero VOC formula, and even absorbs the formaldehyde emissions from other items in your home! It is also anti-microbial, helping to keep your surfaces germ-free. Harmony works best when used throughout the home, including the trim. With all these benefits, it also boasts a tough finish that can stand up to cleaning and wiping dirt and grease away.

Paint Shield Latex

Paint Shield is an entirely new kind of paint. Available in 550 of your favorite Sherwin Williams colors, this product is EPA Certified to actually kill more than 99.9% of Staph, MRSA, and E.Coli, and will continue to kill up to 90% of the bacteria for four years, even with cleaning and washing. This hardworking paint is a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens where these types of bacteria can often be found. It is also a wonderful product for those with compromised immune systems. With Paint Shield, your walls can be beautiful and working to keep your family well at the same time.

With so much of our home covered in paint, thinking through your needs and choosing the right product to meet them is important. With paint options that are working on your behalf to fight stains, clean the air, or kill bacteria, you can spend less time worrying about germs and dirt and more time enjoying your beautiful custom home!

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