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Interactive Tools to Help You Choose Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for a new home can be one of the most challenging things for our clients to do. On the exterior, there is so much wall space, and often times it's hard to know how a small sample is going to look on the outside of a new home. On the inside, you want a color that will accentuate your other selections, while still giving you the freedom to decorate with your favorite pieces. So how do you narrow down the thousands of choices? Sherwin Williams has created some fun and helpful tools to help guide you through the process.

Color ID

The Color ID tool can be found at This interactive website is a personality test of sorts, that has you choose different furniture, plants, and activities to determine a color palette of interior paint that is perfect for you. Once you find out your personal Color ID, the site takes you to another page full of, not only the whole coordinated collection of colors, but pictures of rooms painted in these shades. It's a fun quiz that gives you some really helpful results!

ColorSnap Visualizer

This amazing tool is available as an app for your smartphone or can be found online. With the visualizer you can change out paint colors with the click of a button, allowing you to try out as many shades as you want until you find just the right one. This tool works for both interior and exterior scenes and is extremely helpful in providing confidence to make these big decisions. Sherwin Williams has several room and exterior pictures already loaded for you to try, or you can upload a picture of your home to work with.

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The SnapIt button allows you to take a picture and create a color palette of Sherwin Williams paints that match the colors in it. This is a wonderful tool for designing a whole house color scheme of complementary paints or to help you choose furnishings that work well with your walls. Whether you want to capture the soft colors of a flower or the blue of the Caribbean ocean from your vacation, the SnapIt tool can pinpoint the exact Sherwin Williams color for you.

SW Color Love Gallery

Sometimes the best way to know you'll love a specific color is to see it in a real space. The #SWColorLoveGallery is a collection of real projects with the paint colors identified. Not only can you get amazing inspiration for new ways to paint your own home, but you can quickly identify just how great that navy color you've had your eye on will look on your office wall. One of the most frustrating things about searching for paint ideas online is finding the perfect picture, only to see that the post doesn't list any of the colors. With the Color Love Gallery, you never have to worry about playing detective to identify the colors used.

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These tools are fun and easy ways to become more comfortable with the colors you want in and on your new home. Now you can try out lots of different schemes, all while sitting back and drinking your coffee. Once you find the perfect shade, these tools will give you the confidence to be bold and go for it!

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