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How to Add a Focal Point to Your Shower

Of all the items available for your new home, tile is one of the most diverse in options. You can choose from any shape, material, and color you can imagine, making it fun and easy to find something to really set your shower apart. Creating a focal point in a shower with tile makes any shower a showpiece.

A pool bath shower is often the one most seen by guests and is a great place to have a little touch of whimsy. A wide vertical stripe of accent tile creates the illusion of height, or choose the same tile for the shower floor and the back of the niche to really make it pop. There are glass and solid tiles in the shape of fish scales that give a fun nod to the pool theme, where pebble tiles create a spa-like look. Strong colors like aqua or navy look fresh with white subway tile or consider having an entire wall of a textured tile with a wave design. For a more traditional style, adding a row or two of a tumbled stone in small sizes is a classic look. If you are using large rectangular wall tiles such as a 12x24, turning them vertical allows you to separate the columns of tile with a thin strip of a decorative accent tile. Think of the accent tile for the pool bath as creating a piece of art for the room and have fun with it!

The owner's bath shower is perhaps the most important one in the house as it's the one used by YOU every day. Once you decide on the type of design for your bath, think about an accent tile that will really elevate it. For a spa retreat at home, choose more solid patterns in soft grays, beiges, or whites for the main tiles, and add a pebble shower floor or an entire pebble wall. For a bright and airy bath, whites and marbles are best and come in so many shapes and sizes that you can create just about any design you can imagine. Some of our favorites are to do a design in the shower floor or on the long wall of the shower with borders of rectangular tiles around a hexagon or herringbone pattern in the center. This creates texture without adding additional colors into the space. You can also run a larger tile on the bottom half of the shower and then do a brick shape in the same tile above.

For a more modern look, metallic tiles or sleek glass shapes work well as a border or in the back of a linear niche. Farmhouse styles often have a subway tile as the main shower walls, so classic shapes like hexagons or small bricks make a good accent. Consider choosing one with a white and black combination for even more impact. Decorative shapes like diamonds or arabesque dress up any bath and add a big wow factor when done over a large space. You can do an entire shower wall, or frame out a large section with a tile chair rail "frame" to make it pop.

Whichever way you decide to add the accent, we will walk with you step by step to determine the proper sizes and selections to give you maximum impact. We work with suppliers that have incredibly diverse and unique offerings to help you create a shower fit just for you and your style, making each morning a little brighter for the life of your home.

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