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Frameless Cabinetry Options

Frameless cabinetry is relatively new to the mainstream market in the United States. It is sometimes called "full access" or "European" cabinetry. Traditional cabinets in America have a face frame on the front of the cabinet box that the doors attach to, where frameless, as the name implies, does not. This change in construction offers some unique advantages Collins Builders have helped clients use while designing their new home, and might just be the perfect option for your new kitchen.

The biggest advantage to frameless cabinets comes in the amount of increased storage you get in the same sized cabinetry. Framed cabinets have a 1 1/2" wide face frame, which reduces the opening on both the width and height by that amount. Inside the cabinet box, the width remains the same, but the height restrictions do decrease the usable space. The frame is also 3/4" thick, which takes the interior storage space of a standard wall cabinet from 12" down to 11 1/4". This is why some large plates and platters won't fit in your traditional cabinets. In base cabinetry, the frameless construction allows your drawers and roll-outs to be wider, gaining you valuable inches in each cabinet.

Frameless cabinets are also easier to clean. The face frame leaves a small lip around the sides and bottom of the cabinet, causing corners where it is difficult to wipe away dust and crumbs. Frameless cabinets are fully open, so clean up is a breeze. Some brands offer flip-down hinges on the drawer fronts that allow you to wipe clean drawer boxes as well. The raised lip on the bottom of a wall cabinet often gets scratched and dinged over time as dishes are pulled in and out, and with that gone, your frameless cabinets will stand the test of time.

Frameless cabinets are available in the same designs as framed cabinets, as well as more modern options like melamine and acrylic doors, which are often found in more contemporary designs. The thicker boxes of this construction method eliminates the need for center stiles and creates a simple look that works well with today's design aesthetic. Push to open mechanisms even allow you to remove all the door hardware, creating a truly seamless design.

Whatever your dream kitchen looks like, our Collins Builders design team can help you find a frameless cabinet that can bring it to life. The increased storage, design options, and ease of use explain why they are becoming incredibly popular here in the United States. When planning your new home, it's important to consider your options, and you might find that frameless cabinetry is the right choice for you!

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