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Different Types of Plank Flooring

No matter what style of home we build, almost everyone has a type of plank flooring throughout the main areas. There are 3 main ways to achieve this look, with either hardwood, wood look tile, or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) materials. Each has its own set of pros and cons, but all provide you with a gorgeous floor that will last for years to come.

Hardwood flooring is the original plank floor and has been around for hundreds of years. Today's hardwoods are mainly engineered, meaning that the plank has several millimeters of wood veneer on its surface that are factory finished to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. For active families or large pets, consider a hardwood that has distressing and hand-scraped accents to hide any scratches or dents. Wire brushed finishes have a matte sheen which not only mimics very old hardwood but also keeps fine scratches from showing. There are so many species of wood and finishes available that hardwood flooring works in every design scheme. While it is the most authentic way to achieve a plank floor, it is susceptible to water damage and scratching. However, new developments in finishes and detailing make these floors extremely livable and long-lasting.

Advancements in technology and manufacturing have allowed wood-look tiles to be created that perfectly mirror the details and graining found in hardwood flooring. These tiles can be made in lengths from 20" to 72" with varying widths. The beauty of wood look tiles is second only to their durability. Tile is the ultimate floor for withstanding water, scratches, and dents, making it a popular choice for many of our clients. These tiles can even be installed on the wall in a bath or shower to create a plank effect without the concerns of water or humidity. The one downside to a tile floor is the grout required between the tiles. Over time, grout will require maintenance, although there are grouts available that resist stains better than normal. For a home in the country or near the beach where dirt or sand will be a part of everyday life, a wood look tile floor may be a perfect choice.

The final way to achieve a plank floor is with a luxury vinyl plank (LVP). This product takes the durability of tile and combines it with the tongue and groove installation of a wood floor. luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is resistant to both water and scratches, with some even manufactured to be fully waterproof. Unlike tile, there is no grout joint to clean, and the floor creates a softer texture underfoot. LVP is also available in varying lengths and widths, with finishes that range from rustic to formal. Because it is not wood, it can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms with no concerns. LVP allows you to get the look of wood without the worry of upkeep, making it the most popular plank flooring we install.

Whether you want your floor to look like 200-year-old reclaimed barn wood or like a gleaming luxury hotel lobby, there is a plank floor option that can create it for you. As part of the design process, we will discuss your family's needs and design ideas to find the perfect fit for your new home. We look forward to helping you find the right one for you!

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