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Brick Flooring Options

As design trends have embraced a warmer and simpler style, brick flooring has increased in popularity. Whether it's a reclaimed brick floor or a tile replica, nothing gives you a sense of permanence and timelessness quite like brick.

Reclaimed Brick

The Town & Country collection uses actual reclaimed bricks to create new flooring options for your home. The bricks come in both 2" and 4" widths to give you design flexibility. Use the 2" size for patterns like herringbone, and the 4" size for borders and traditional brick lay patterns. These bricks have tumbling and chips that add to the aged look and are inconsistent in thickness. Reclaimed brickworks particularly well in areas like a mudroom or entry that get a lot of foot traffic. This flooring requires a wide grout joint, so consider using a sealed grout like UltraColor to limit stains and discoloration.

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Brick Tiles

Tiles made to look like brick are increasing in number. The Chicago Brick collection comes in 4 colors and 6 shapes. The 4"x8" size works best for patterns, and you can insert a mix of "stamped" bricks with city names for a more authentic feel. For a painted brick look, the Havana tiles offer a range of colors and sizes for a reclaimed painted brick feel. The aged finish of worn paint adds a touch of color and whimsy to your floors. Brick tiles give you the versatility to cover any surface, so you can bring the same material from the floor to the walls or utilize for a beautiful new backsplash.

Brick floors work in many different design schemes, from modern loft spaces to a vintage farmhouse. Their rugged shape and finish make them an excellent choice for areas that have to work hard. Laundry rooms, entryways, and mudrooms can all benefit from the durability and the style of a brick floor. With all the options available, here at Collins Builders, we can't wait to help you find the perfect one for your new custom home!

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