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All About Door Hardware

The hardware on our doors is one of the most used items in our homes, and is often overlooked as a design feature. However, new finishes and styles allow you to enhance the overall look of your home in ways previously unavailable. Door hardware is like the jewelry in your room, adding that extra special touch in an understated way.

Exterior hardware

Exterior door hardware is categorized into 2 parts, the handleset and the deadbolt. The front entry doors will have both, and any other service doors or rear French doors will have a deadbolt and a matching knob or lever to the interior. Just like with the style of your front door, you want your handleset and finish to complement the architectural style of your home. Iron black works well on a modern or farmhouse style home, while Venetian bronze goes with a Mediterranean style or traditional. Antique nickel and satin nickel are excellent transitional finishes that go with almost any style, and are the perfect choice when you want the handleset to stand out off the door color. Choosing an oversized handleset can give your entrance a stately appearance, whether it's the modern Vancouver or the more traditional Amherst.

Each handlest has a matching deadbolt, which will include a keyed entry on the exterior and turn knob on the interior of the door. For service and French doors, the sleek Halifax, Uptown, or Downtown deadbolts have become a popular choice for their low profile and stylish looks. Electronic and touch to open smart locks are also growing in popularity. Many of these are offered with WiFi capabilities and work not only with Amazon and Apple products, but can also be controlled thru the security system options we offer. The flexibility these integrated deadbolts offer can truly make life easier for today's busy family.

Interior Hardware

The interior door hardware is another place to add a designer touch to your rooms. Dark finishes like Venetian bronze and Iron black pop off the white doors, while satin and antique nickel provide a more subtle enhancement. Interior hardware comes in either knob or lever style. Knobs are a good choice for families with small children or escape artist pets as they are harder for them to open. Hancock is a favorite for farmhouse styles, where Pismo creates a modern look.

Lever handles are ideal for long term homes, as they are easiest to open as we age. Their more substantial size also makes a bigger design impact. The Pembroke and Tustin are the most universal in style, while the Ashfield works for either traditional or farmhouse. The straight lines of the Halifax and Milan make them perfect for an industrial or modern look.

It's the small details like door hardware style and finish that truly make a home custom. We love walking thru these with our clients to create a style that is perfectly fit for you and your needs. How can we help you today?

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