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All About Accent Lighting

The importance of lighting in a home cannot be overstated. Decorative fixtures transform the design of a space, and proper lighting for tasks makes any home function better. Accent lighting is the finishing touch that helps make a house feel like a home.

The most common accent lighting is pendant lights over an island or bar top in the kitchen. These lights are both decorative and functional, providing excellent task lighting for cooking and prep. Pendant lights are available in any finish and material you can imagine and give the kitchen a designer look. For smaller islands, 2 pendant lights do the job, where 3 pendants are needed for longer islands. During the design process, we consider both the size and scale of the light and the island to determine the perfect placement and fit for your kitchen.

Sconces are a beautiful way to add accent lighting to your home. These are usually single bulb fixtures that are small in scale and mount to the wall. Placing sconces on either side of the bath mirror instead of a traditional vanity light gives the bath a soft glow, providing illumination without the harshness of an overhead fixture. This works particularly well in a powder or pool bath. For owner's or guest baths, we recommend adding recessed can lighting over the sink area to allow for bright light when you need it, and sconce lighting when you don't. Adding sconces to a staircase wall adds a nice touch of design as well as provides softer lighting for the evening. The dining room also benefits from sconces placed along the main wall to help light up artwork or a buffet cabinet.

The light from these fixtures combined with the dining room light on a dimmer is the perfect scheme for entertaining. Adding sconces in the owner's bedroom where the bed will go is an alternative to lamps, and swing arm sconces allow you to move the light right over or away from your pillow to suit your needs. Finally, vestibules, niches, and hallways are all good places to add a sconce for additional lighting and design.

For a touch of whimsy or an unexpected design twist, consider adding a mini chandelier to your space. Our favorite spots are in the owner's closet, the pantry, or in a bathroom. A chandelier with crystal drops makes an ordinary closet feel like a boutique. For a farmhouse touch, adding a rustic or metal fixture to the pantry gives a little design to the space. While recessed lighting provides plenty of light for the oversized owner's baths in our plans, changing one to a chandelier that hangs in the center of the bath instantly elevates the room.

Think of these accent lights as a way to add a pop or a bit of fun into your design. These little touches are the perfect way to bring a designer touch to your home as well as provide soft light for entertaining or task lighting. With all of the choices in finishes and materials at our disposal, we can find the perfect fixture for each area of your new home!

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